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Support Tickets

Welcome to the Ur I.T. Mate Group Support Ticket System (STS). This system has been put in place to provide you with an easy and efficient means of acquiring support (and indeed, giving feedback) for all Ur I.T. Mate Group websites, services and software.

To begin using this service, select the area you require support for, or would like to give feedback on, from the categories below.

Please note, whilst no registration is required to use this service, your IP is recorded to prevent abuse. For information on how this information will be used, please see our privacy policy.

Category Last Post
Comments or questions concerning one of our articles?, post them here.
03 Nov 2006 14:55:00
Ken Howey
General comments, questions or suggestions regarding Ur I.T. Mate Group software and/or services
02 Sep 2007 14:07:00
Get support with Ur I.T. Mate Group services
28 Apr 2007 22:00:00
Get support with Ur I.T. Mate Group software
12 Nov 2007 11:00:00
Ur I.T. Mate Group Newsletter
Comments, feedback or suggestions for our newsletter?, post them here!
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79 ticket(s) / 196 replies

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