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Development Schedule

Below provides an overview of expected completion dates for software and service updates currently provided by Ur I.T. Mate Group. Please note however, these dates are approximations ONLY and are subject to change.

Name Description ECD Notes
Helen Benoist Re-design and convert to CMS Dec 2006 Completed - Nov 2006
Index.dat Suite Add secure deletion, Gecko browser support (requested) Mar 2006 Suspended
AB Edit Re-design and re-write, add support for Orca Browser Mar 2006 Suspended
Hosted Forums Complete re-design and re-write of both front and back end Jan 1st 2006 Suspended
sGB Add options to customise SMTP server Nov 18th 2005 Suspended
AB Archive 1. Convert the site to complete CMS
2. Convert help file mirror to CMS (integrated with the main site's CMS system)
3. Complete re-design and re-write of the chat room
Aug 2005 Suspended
Freeware Library Back end upgrades Mar 2006 Completed
Intranet Re-organise ITM downloads and integrate with site CMS, upgrade server to Server 2003 Feb 31st 2006 Completed
hpHosts Online Update to support net-block reporting, multi-step IP query Jan 6th 2006 Completed
sCMS Design and write CMS system for WebGrid NYK Completed
vURL DE New application (desktop edition of online vURL service) NYK Completed
Key: ECD - Estimated Completion Date; NYK - Not Yet Known

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