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Tuesday 31 October 2006 - Another note for hpHosts users, Switched to OpenDNS, Update on Scott (Freeware Arena)
Another note for hpHosts users

Following the last news update, I would like to inform hpHosts users that do not currently know, that the hpHosts downloads, forums and website, have now been moved to the same server as hpHosts online.

The domain most commonly used, hosts-file.net, is still active and currently forwards to the hpHosts Online website, hosts-file.org currently points to the old website/forums.

Whilst the forums were moved to the new server, the database from the old forums, were not able to be imported due to compatability issues, so you will need to re-register before being able to post to them (though as before, you don't need to register simply to view them).

I still have one or two plans for improving hpHosts Online, and indeed, standardizing the release frequency of hpHosts itself, and plans on this, shall be announced on the forums once finalized. In addition, those of you using the hpHosts Yahoo Group, will be pleased to know, I've no plans to discontinue the group.

If you have comments, questions or indeed, suggestions for hpHosts or the website/forums, please pop by and let us know.

hpHosts Online:



hpHosts Forums:

hpHosts Downloads:

Switched to OpenDNS

Due to on-going issues with my ISP's DNS servers, I've switched the DNS servers used by my network, to those of OpenDNS. These DNS servers, will serve both the mail server, and website's hosted here, including hpHosts Online and vURL.

The hope is that the move, will speed up the queries made by vURL and HPHO, and give less chance of query timeouts, or other errors that were seen previously. I'll continue to monitor it over the next few months, and if the move proves successful, they will continue to be used.

As previously, only the servers IP information, will be passed to OpenDNS's DNS servers, no information on those using the services and/or website's hosted here, will be known to them.

Update on Scott (Freeware Arena)

Those of you that frequent Scott's website, will undoubtedly be aware of his recent need to undergo surgery to correct a few heath issues caused by an accident a few years ago.

I am happy to tell you, though Scott was not able to talk on the phone, I did speak to his mother who assured me, he is on the road to recovery. Scott has been a rock for many of us over the years, and indeed, continues to be an inspiration, so this news is well received.

If Scott does not do so himself beforehand, I shall endevour to keep you upto date on his current situation, and look forward to his return.

If you'd like to leave a message for Scott, he has made available a voice messenger number at;

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