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Tuesday 31 May 2005 - ADVANCE NOTICE: Server downtime
Below are confirmed dates that mysteryfcm.co.uk will be offline and the reasons for such.

Unfortunately this downtime also means I shall be unable to answer support requests on the dates mentioned above. I can only apologise for this and ask that you bear with me. During the downtime, support will still be available via the Knowledgebase, product and service' FAQ's and of course, the forums.

June 1st 2005Duration of expected customer impact: Intermittently during maintenance period

Detailed description of work to be performed:-

Over Tuesday/Wednesday PlusNet engineers plan to go to telehouse to perform the following work

1) ServerIron Blade Swap
2) SMS10k Card Swap
3) Migrate Usenet platform power onto new Power Distribution Units on all 3 cabinets
4) Migrate the Webmail platform into the new cabinets.

Expected Customer Impact:

Usenet/Webmail services will be interrupted intermittently for everything but the SMS10k card swap. That will disconnect every DSL customer connected to that device once.
June 2nd 2005Two core connections for one of PlusNet's 622 MBps clusters are to be moved to a different pair of home gateway routers to alleviate potential future capacity issues.

Duration of expected customer impact: 2 hours.

Expected Customer Impact:

The service is resilient and only one connection will be worked on at a time so service should be maintained. However because the connections are moving to a different pair of routers there may be a brief interruption in service
June 3rd 2005Core Router Maintenance - Friday 3rd June 4:00am - 6:00am

Service Affected:- All Services

Visps / Platforms Affected:- All Visps

Maintenance Window:- Friday 3rd June 4:00am - 6:00am

Detailed description of work to be performed:-

PlusNet are performing maintenance on their core router transit links.

Duration of expected customer impact:-

2 hours.

Expected Customer Impact:-

Customers may see a number of short periods of timeouts and routing anomilies while routing protocols are taken down and re-established. This will happen for the duration of the maintenance period.
June 6th 2005A company employed by my electricity provider is to come and upgrade my electric meter. This obviously requires all electrical items be turned off and unplugged. I have not been given a specific time for this occuring, only that it will be between 08:00 and 17:00 on June 6th, because of this, the mysteryfcm.co.uk server will be turned off before I go to work (05:00) and turned back on once the upgrade to the meter is complete.

Services that will be impacted by this include;
  1. Newsletter registrations and accounts
  2. vURL webpage dissection
  3. Multi-Search
  4. Google and Babelfish translation services
  5. News server
  6. FTP server
  7. All websites hosted on this server
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