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Wednesday 30 August 2006 - Network downtime, PC Tools + SpySoftCentral, Application updates and discontinuations
Network downtime

How did we find out bacteria was bad for us?, why do I like James Blunt?, why is the Hooters "Satellite" one of the best tunes ever made?. Those are just three things that will forever confuse me. Worse however, is why my mother decided to unplug my router whilst I was out the other day, just because some bloke that claimed to be calling from PlusNet, told her to (for non-plusnetters, whenever PN contact you, via whatever method, they're meant to drop a note in your history - in this case there was no mention of it).

Alas this meant, whilst only being for a few minutes, the Intranet server, including FTP and e-mail, were unavailable for a few minutes on Monday evening. As my mother feels stupid for doing it anyway, I thought I'd apologise to those that found themselves unable to visit site's that rely on it.

Needless to say, she's been told not to answer my phone if I'm out, and leave the damn plug alone (she didn't realise it would take the servers offline apparently).

PC Tools + SpySoftCentral

Spysoftcentral e-mailI had 12 fantastic e-mails today - all identical with the exception of the "To" address, all claiming to have charged a credit card I don't have, for a program I wouldn't have if you paid me.

The e-mails of course, claim to have come from SpySoftCentral for a program called "Spyware Doctor", even though the subject claimed it was for "Spy Doctor" (a completely unrelated rogue anti-malware application).

On July 20th of this year, someone from SpySoftCentral posted the following to their website in response to the e-mails that are still coming through as of today;
Today I have received many complaint emails about fradulent charges charged to www.spysoftcentral.com, first off www.spysoftcentral.com does not charge any money directly to this site, all money goes through companies like esellerate.net and www.clickbank.com, the emails were sent by someone claiming to be from this site, however the charges are going else where. Please do not open the attachments to these emails, many have told me that they contain viruses. Please dispute this charge, I am looking into this matter.

Well, I'm sorry Andrew, but two things puzzle me about this and further make me suspect of your claims of innocence. Firstly, none of the e-mails I received, whilst claiming to have an attatchment, actually had one (not even so much as an image). Second, they all point directly to your site (the e-mails are plain text, so it's not even a case of a mis-represented link that we normally see in phishing e-mails). Third and most suspect, your site already pushes a known suspect application known as "Palsol Spy Remover" from the edgits at Palsol.

What I am curious about however, is the connection between Spyware Doctor and Spy Doctor (the latter of which appears no-where on your site). Interestingly, PC Tools website makes no mention of these e-mails, even though the e-mails claim to be charging for one of their applications.

I've seen e-mails infected with virii that claim to have come from me so in the interests of fairness, if you say they've not come from you, then I suppose the benefit of the doubt has to be given in this case aswell, but I'd like to make a couple of suggestions whilst doing such. firstly, to get rid of the rogue application thats listed on your site, and second, to get rid of the clickbank URL's as these are well known for associations with scammers.

Application updates and discontinuations

I've been receiving a ton of e-mails recently concerning AB Edit, an application developed to help Avant Browser users. I would like to note, due to major differences in the way Avant both works, and stores it's information, AB Edit is NOT compatable with the new 11.x series. As such, once 11.x comes out of the pre-release (testing) stage, AB Edit will be discontinued.

As an aside, whilst still in the early development stages, vURL DE (vURL Desktop Edition) is coming along quite nicely, and seems to have been well received thus far. I still have one or two additions to implement and these will hopefully be finished in the next few weeks.

In addition, whilst I have not gotten the main feature I had planned for Index.dat Suite implemented (couldn't get it to work properly), I recently released v2.9.5. The feature I have planned for IDS will allow you to have the index.dat deletion feature available, without having to re-boot the computer.

I am currently aware of a problem with the updater not working properly for those wanting to upgrade from earlier releases, and am working on resolving this for the next update.
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