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Sunday 30 January 2005 - Public FTP Server Upgrades, Site updates
The new public FTP server will be temporarily offline for most of today. This is due to an upgrade in the operating system (currently uses Windows 2000 Professional. Being upgraded to 2000 Advanced Server). Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience.

On a brighter note, most of the updates that were due to be performed on the freeware library are now complete. Still left to do is the introduction of the "Editors Choice" (formerly known as the "Program of the Month"). This will be introduced later today.

Public FTP Server Upgrade Updates - 30-01-2005 15:00 GMT London

After spending 7 hours on this this morning, I've finally had to give up on getting the upgrade to actually work. For some reason, 2000 Advanced Server just does not want to work, at all (error messages during the install (something about missing files), problems after the installation, followed by problems getting the darn thing to connect to the internet). Oh how we love the server editions.

I shall be working on this again soon (hopefully later today), but for now, the FTP server is back online (with it being 2000 Professional, this means the 10 concurrent connections restriction is still present. I can only apologise for this).
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