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Tuesday 28 March 2006 - Typically Tropical, "Big Quiz" Pre-launch announcement, Bob's little ditty
Typically Tropical

So what do you do when you work 8/9am - 5/6/7pm 5-6 days a week (depending on how stupid you're feeling)?. You go to Barbados of course!. Okay not quite, but I haven't gotten round to getting some pictures of the rest of my co-workers for you, so hopefully you'll be content with a picture of my lovely rats instead (2 years or so I've had them, and I've still not decided on names!).

I would actually like to extend a huge thankyou to Bob (McKenzie - WebGrid) for the energy he must have put into making me look acceptable. It is appreciated Bob .

"Big Quiz" Pre-launch announcement

I was thinking recently, and since I've managed to land a wonderful job, I'm going to celebrate it. However, I'm not going to do what I normally do to celebrate, oh no. You lot are going to be involved.

The short version?. I would like to announce the intent to launch a brand new sort of service/competition thingymibob. This new thingymibob shall be a monthly competition as a thankyou to my visitors, and a congratulations to myself that will allow you to partake in a quiz type competition.

Now you are probably wondering, as I run freeware site's and services, what I could possibly offer as a prize?, no? - well I'll tell you anyway!. Prizes I can currently confirm (I've not decided on all of them yet) are NOD32, Ewido and WinPatrol Plus!. I'll announce more when I've decided.

So how will it work then?. Rather simple really. The quiz will have two modes to choose from;

1. Fun
2. Competition

In "Fun" mode, you will play simply for the sheer hell of it. This mode will not result in prizes. In "Competition" mode, you will play against whoever else partakes, for the chance to win the monthly (my job doesn't pay me THAT much!) prize. The winner for each month, shall be selected at random from those that get all of the answers correct.

The quiz itself will consist of randomly selected questions (to prevent cheating), to which you will have 10 seconds to provide the correct answer (to prevent cirumvention, protection will be put in place to prevent attempts to either go back to a question, or "freeze" the page (i.e. disabling meta refresh).

To allow for the maximum amount of privacy, only those providing all of the correct answers will be asked to provide an e-mail address (to allow notification) and then, only the selected winner will be asked to provide further information (IF the prize requires it).

Bob's little ditty

"Bob's little ditty" is a utility I was asked to write for Bob (McKenzie - WebGrid) to allow him to auto-run and/or kill applications/files, whenever he wished, by simply clicking an icon. Though not officially released to anyone other than Bob as yet, I thought I would take this opportunity to announce it, and show a couple of screenshots.

Bob's little ditty - Auto run options
Auto run options
Bob's little ditty - Auto kill options
Auto kill options
Bob's little ditty - Currently running processes
Running processes
Bob's little ditty - Running in tray
Tray icon

When launched, if you have the option enabled, "Bob's little ditty" will auto-run and auto-kill any and all files/programs you have asked it to, and logs all attempts of such (to allow debugging of failed actions). I don't have a release time frame for you yet as we're still polishing it, but hope to have it online by the end of the week.

If you would like a preview copy to beta test, please feel free to contact me.
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