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Monday 26 September 2005 - Homepage and software update delays, Steven 0 - Logic 1
Homepage and software update delays

I would like to apologise for updates to both the main homepage (currently offline) and the software. Most of the updates were planned to be completed and released by midnight last night, unfortunately however, my network had other ideas. I am working as fast as I can to get both the main homepage back online, and the software updates completed and released.

Steven 0 - Logic 1

You would have thought I'd have learnt my lesson by now, especially after the amount of traffic used by the old iHost service. Alas, logic went on vacation yet again as I made a rather silly decision.

Being me, I decided I would try to help with the AutoPatcher program and so, 3 days ago, offered to be a mirror - nothing wrong there I hear you say. Unfortunately (and this is most likely where I'm going to hear alot of laughing), I did not bother to check on the amount of traffic required for such a thing before sending the "I can help" e-mail to one of the AutoPatcher staff.

3 days after sending said offer, I've been forced to revoke the offer and remove the AutoPatcher files from my server as the amount of traffic it was generating was crippling not only my internal network (kind of took me back to the days of being on dialup) but had an adverse affect on the support, freeware and intranet sites aswell. Because of my stupidity, I would like to offer a sincere apology to AutoPatchers staff, users and more importantly, to those users who were downloading the files when I removed them.
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