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Thursday 26 January 2006 - Intranet speed issues, Vive la France!, The Linux issue .. again!, Little less moderation
Intranet speed issues

Just a short note to let you all know, you may notice issues concerning loading speeds of the intranet. I've spoken with and performed tests with, PlusNet, and it has been confirmed to be due to problems at the BT exchange (no suprise there).

Incase you cannot view the following URL, please see the screenshot for details:

Details*: http://surl.co.uk/?2456
Screenshot: imgPN_BTEx.gif

Hopefully BT will have this issue sorted out well before their estimated date of February 2nd, but we all know how reliable they can be at times (jump to Waynes World impression).

* This is a short URL for

Vive la France!

I am sorry to say, we've lost Bob (WebGrid) for another two weeks as he's ran away to France again. I am not sure if he has internet access over there or not, so for those of you that have or are considering contacting him, please allow atleast the next 14 days for a response.

Hope you're having a wonderful time Bob!.

The Linux issue .. again!

Yes thats right folks, Linux officially does not like me.

After having tried atleast 9 or so different "distro's", I have managed to get not two, but ONE to actually work. Mepis, Slax (KillBill edition, Custom edition), Skolelinux, PCLinuxOS - all failed to even load, let alone run. Ubuntu, Austrumi, Anonym.OS, Helix, Slax (Standard Edition) and one or two others, whilst all loading fine, failed to detect the network (even after manually telling it where it was, and what the configuration details were).

The only "distro" to actually work, was Damn Small Linux (DSL). I've not quite figured out how to take a screenshot with it yet however, so you'll have to wait for that one. In the meantime, due to the exchange issues I referred to earlier, I'll have a little more time to spend working on getting Linux to err .. work, so stay tuned.

Little less moderation

Alas yes, I am sorry to say, I officially resigned as moderator on the Spyware Data forums three days ago. I'll refrain from going into details here as it would take too long so for the curious, you can find a little more detail on the TeMerc forums.


I would like to take this opportunity to wish Ken and the rest of the Spyware Data/Trisnap Technologies team, the best of luck for the future.
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