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Sunday 25 June 2006 - FastHosts Networks Offline, Snehateeram Group apologizes
FastHosts Networks Offline

Unfortunately, at approximately 14:30 this afternoon, the entire FastHosts network was taken offline - additionally preventing access to it-mate.co.uk website's.

I've spoken with a FastHosts technical representative and from what I've been told, the problem lies with the FastHosts pipe connection, provided by Telewest. At present, they do not have an ETA for when it will be back online. However, those wishing to access Ur I.T. Mate Group applications, or the Avant Browser archive, can still do so via the backup archives at the URL's below.

Ur I.T. Mate Group Archive

Avant Browser Archive

This does unfortunately, also mean, whilst I am still able to send e-mail (goes through my private server), I am unfortunately, unable to receive e-mail. Those wishing to contact me in the meantime, may do so via the ticket system, available at;


Other site's affected by this include;


Wrightway Computers

Makeport Ltd

Backpackers Press

Helen Benoist

Snehateeram Group apologizes

On a more positive note, following the news on June 18th of the rip off of the Freeware Library website, I received an e-mail from "Snehateeram Group" on June 24th, as follows;
Dear Sir,

I am writing this with reference to your newsletter http://mysteryfcm.co.uk/?mode=News&date=18-06-2006 regarding the rip off of my website.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere apologize, as I was not at all aware of the rules to publish. I hosted my site at www.dot.tk, a free domain provider. As mentioned in the newsletter I have removed all the alleged contents.

I request you to take this mail as my personal apologize for the same. Also I request you to grant me the permission to mirror your esteemed site and hence to access your database from the same. I would be very much obliged to you, if you could kindly provide me with the valuable tips and informations to mirror your site.

Once again I express my sincere apologize and also my gratitude.

Yours Sincerely,

Author, www.we-one.tk
I would like to thank whomever "Author" actually is for taking the time to apologize, most wouldn't have bothered, and have given permission for the content of the Freeware Library to be used.
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