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Sunday 24 April 2005 - Lend a hand?, Site/software updates, PL2005 ISO
Lend a hand

Due to an accident on Thursday I have a slightly damaged hand (won't go into details) so have not been able to use the keyboard which thus meant, I've not been online very much (I've also been spending time at my girlfriends). I can just about use the keyboard now so thought I'd give updates on a few things before going away tomorrow morning (going to the hospital to get my hand looked at and then am off to my girlfriends until Monday or Tuesday morning (not sure which at the moment).

Site/software updates

As you've most likely noticed, very little has been getting done over the last week or so, I would like to apologise for this. Before I go I shall try and get some of the updates to the Intranet completed, along with one or two of the software updates finished.

Although a re-design is planned for both the Avant Browser Archive and the main homepage, the main priority at the moment is getting both the Icon Library re-design and the Intranet completed, the latter of which shall be worked on as soon as I've finished writing this. In the meantime I would ask everyone please bear with me.

PL2005 ISO

When the Pricelessware 2005 results were completed, I compiled then offered to host the CD ISO. Unfortunately the demand for this has been overwhelming (much more than I had anticipated), as such I have had to ask for myself to be temporarily removed from the hosting volunteers as the server I was using for it was completely bogged down, especially as it is now also being used for several other things (including the hosting of the FTP site).

Once either the demand has died down, or I can afford to upgrade the server, I shall be re-volunteering to host the ISO. In the meantime, please accept my apologies for any inconvenience this may cause. If you would still like a copy of the ISO please see;

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