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Thursday 23 February 2006 - Great news!, The big cleanup
Great news!

No, I'm not talking about my new favourite RSS reader (as great as it is). I have some other great news (well, great for myself anyway).

As of Monday I will no longer be available Mon - Fri between 8am - 6pm (approx) as I've got myself a new job. I actually went for the first interview last week, but received confirmation at approx 11:30 this morning when the director of the company called me to let me know.

This does unfortunately mean during the hours I am at work, I will not be able to work on new programs/services, or updates to such, and shall additionally be unable to respond to both e-mails and tickets (I realise this will be an inconvenience but unfortunately, I have to put having a job before anything else).

In addition to this, I've got to go to my sisters on Saturday afternoon so shall be unavailable from approx 11am - 8pm this Saturday aswell (blame my sister for that one, she's volunteered me to sort out one of her friends computers, then re-install XP on her computer).

Very bad floppy driveThe big cleanup

Strange thing happened a few months ago, the floppy drive on the Dell machine thats used for the SMTP server, stopped working - just gave up. Taking a look at the drive from the outside, I figured it was probably either dead or just the lens in need of a clean. I've never been so disgusted with myself.

I decided today to take the main SMTP server offline so it could be cleaned, and to be honest, it's a good thing I did. As you will see from the images that are to follow, the machine was almost as dirty as Blair (and that takes some beating!).

All in all, the cleanup only took approximately 2 hours (half of that was spent trying to be an octopus), and after cleaning the innards, I decided not to clean the PSU as I normally do (dread to think whats living in there at the moment).



Yes there's more before's than afters, but I wasn't expecting to put these up here. Hopefully however, this will remind others that the inside of your PC needs a little TLC every now and then.

And especially for those that wonder what the inside of a PSU looks like, here's a before and after of those aswell (taken whilst cleaning my Pentium II 350 (test machine)).



.. and before anyone decides to remind me I should not be wearing a watch whilst doing this and should be wearing an anti-static wrist band, I know - I just don't have one (and forgot I still had my watch on until I was half way through)
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