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Wednesday 21 September 2005 - E-cards e-mail contains virus, Homepage downtime, New support system
E-cards e-mails contain virus

I've been pondering the past few days and have come to the conclusion that whilst I detest spam, I detest viruses more-so, ergo I am infuriated to see e-cards-it.com spam mails arriving in my inbox several times per day (began around 2 weeks ago) that not only are spam, but are also infected with a virus!.

Sophos has so far been the only one to actually identify this (at the time of writing this anyway) and there is virtually nothing available on Google concerning e-cards-it.com. Those using hpHosts HOSTS file will be protected from this when the next release goes out (reported to the hpHosts author September 18th by yours truly).

The Sophos write-up on this particular nasty can be found at;


If you have not already, disable previewing for your e-mail client (assuming it supports it) and ALWAYS check the content of the e-mail before opening it!. Not sure how to do this?, have a program do it for you - my personal favourite is K9 (freeware of course). Alternatively, those using Outlook or Outlook Express simply need to;

To block it

1. Single click the e-mail to select it
2. Select the "Message > Block Sender" menu.

To preview it

1. Right click the e-mail and select "Properties"
2. Click the Details tab, then the Message Source button.

Further information, tools and support can be found at;


Homepage downtime

This is an advance notice to let you all know the main homepage will be down on Sunday September 25th whilst it is re-designed. All other sites will still be available.

New support system

I am pleased to announce, a new support system is now available as a replacement for the support forums (currently under a re-design). The new provision is known as a "Ticket System" with a quirk. Unlike most ticket systems available, the one provided does NOT require registration, nor does it require you provide an e-mail or your name (e-mail is only required if you would like a notification to be sent when a reply is made).

To access the ticket system, point your browser to;


Note: E-mail notification is currently awaiting implementation and thus, is not currently available (EID: Saturday 24th September).
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