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Monday 21 February 2005 - Public FTP Server, Freeware Library updates, newsletter updates
Public FTP Server

Unfortunately, this project has been dogged with problems since it's conception, and now comes another. Due to recent announcements by PlusNet, I have had to put registrations on hold until I can find a new viable way of providing the service to the public. I can only apologise for this and hope you will all bear with me.

Please see the PlusNet Broadband Fair Usage FAQ for further information: http://portal.plus.net/support/faq/broadband_fair_usage_faq.shtml

Further updates shall be provided in due course.

Freeware Library updates

I am pleased to announce, the planned updates to the Freeware Library have now been tested and fully implemented successfully. Updates to the library include;

1. Brand new search engine
2. "Editors Choice" section (aka Program of the month)
3. Application comments

Should you have any questions, suggestions or comments on these updates, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Newsletter updates

Work began today on the new Intranet that once complete, shall house the new Ur I.T. Mate Group newsletter. Though there is still a fair amount of work to be done on this, I am planning to have this completed in time for the March 2005 newsletter.
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