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Sunday 20 November 2005 - An update for WebGrid fans, Special thanks to alt.comp.freeware
An update for WebGrid fans

As mentioned yesterday, Bob McKenzie (WebGrid) had a slight mishap with Partition Magic that unfortunately saw his untimely exit into the netherworld known by some as "the real world" (why does that phrase give me the creeps?).

Having spoken to Bob yesterday, I must unfortunately announce he was unable to return last night as I was hoping. Bob now expects to be back in OUR real world, by Tuesday. I am sure I am not the only one that misses seeing him online so if you have a few minutes spare, even though he cannot currently reply, consider sending him a quick note to wish him a speedy return.

Special thanks to alt.comp.freeware

Pricelessware 2006
I am pleased to announce, thanks to the visitors of the alt.comp.freeware newsgroup, both Index.dat Suite and PUI, have been selected for Pricelessware 2006.

I would like to extend a special thankyou to everyone that voted for these applications, and an extra special thankyou to Susan Bugher for her continued and dedicated work in the wonderful world of freeware.

For those not familiar, detailed information on Pricelessware can be found at:


Those using a news-reader can find alt.comp.freeware at:


Those without a news-reader, can use the online Google Groups interface, located at:

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