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Tuesday 20 June 2006 - WARNING: Virus infected e-mail claiming to come from Ur I.T. Mate Group.
MyTob infected e-mail
I would like to warn everyone of what appears to be a new virus infected e-mail going round the interweb, that claims to come from Ur I.T. Mate Group. After checking the link in the e-mail, the originating idiot that created this e-mail, wants you to download a .pif (executable) file named "Confirmation_Sheet.pif" that according to Jotti, is infected with the MyTob worm.

According to Jotti, only 5 vendors currently identify this infection.

Screenshot: imgITMMyTob.gif

The e-mails I have received, do not arrive with an attatchment, but instead, attempt to fool you into clicking what appears to be a link to the main it-mate.co.uk website - this link actually links to a server in Thialand and points directly to the .PIF file they want you to download.

Screenshot: imgITMMyTob_Link.gif

Those with HTML e-mail disabled are not affected by this. Instead you will see;

Screenshot: imgITMMyTob_MailText.gif

Those with HTML disabled (WHY OH WHY DO YOU STILL HAVE THIS ENABLED!!!!!), ARE affected by this and will see;

Screenshot: imgITMMyTob_MailHTML.gif

As I mentioned the last time this happened, I DO NOT send out e-mail unsolicited. The ONLY time you will receive an e-mail from me, is when you have specifically asked for a response to a query.

Updated: 20:27 June 20th

Seems is also involved with the distribution and/or hosting of this file.

Screenshot: imgITMMyTob_MailLink2.gif


KBID# 26: [ALERT] E-mail claiming to come from Ur I.T. Mate Group

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