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Sunday 18 June 2006 - Snehateeram Group ripoff, Icon Library to close, Index.dat Suite 3.0
Snehateeram Group ripoff

Deciding to take today off and do a little surfing, I came accross a site that at first, looked like a new freeware website. Delving a little deeper however, it became clear that this was not the case. Indeed, the owner of this site has not done their own site, but instead, ripped the content from the Freeware Library.

The site in question you ask?, take a look yourself ....


Had this person taken the time to ask me, I'd have gladly allowed them to mirror the site, and would have even given them a copy of the site's database ... alas no. Instead of doing things honerably, they've instead chose to take the pages, remove most of the reference to "Ur I.T. Mate Group" (including changing the author for the "Icons" to whoever the heck "Snehateeram Group" is and removing the "Ed" note that went with it, whilst keeping the URL to the Icon Library), add one or two of their alledged own, and leave the other download links to those hosted on my server (guess Geocities wouldn't let them have enough space or bandwidth to host them themselves).

Screenie: http://mysteryfcm.co.uk/misc/flrip/imgiconrip.gif

They have done me one small favour however. After a week of working my backside off both at work and at home, I desperately needed a laugh, and they have provided me with exactly that. As a thankyou, I'm going to give them a tip that they so obviously need .... if you are going to rip off a website, at the very least, make sure your links work!.

Screenie: http://mysteryfcm.co.uk/misc/flrip/imginvlink.gif

Icon Library to close

Just a note folks. Due to bandwidth constraints, I am closing the Icon Library as of this evening. The download packages themselves will still be available via the archive however, for those that want them.

The library will be back online again in the coming months, as soon as the bandwidth issue is sorted out and will additionally see a fresh design and a new home.

Index.dat Suite 3.0

For those that do not read the newsletter, I thought I'd provide a little info on what is to come in the next NON-beta of IDS. Since it's early versions, I've had a ton of requests for three very specific features, namely, secure deletion, and the ability to delete the index.dat files WITHOUT having to re-start Windows.

Deleting these files without having to re-start windows is a feature I would very much, and am planning, to implement. At present, this will work by closing the main explorer task, running the batch file, then re-starting the explorer task. Though not what I would like, I've not yet found another way of doing this.

Secure deletion however, is a little more difficult as it requires my learning a new language. The language IDS is written in, is Visual Basic 6. This is not like other languages in that it is a coding language, rather than the typical programming languages such as ASM (Assembly). However, I am currently planning to spend whatever free time I get, familiarising myself with a language capable of secure deletion as this MUST be done outside of Windows (NOT something VB6 is capable of doing).

Last but by no means least, IDS 3 will also see the addition of support for alternate browsers such as Opera, Firefox and the likes. Though the latest beta now includes support for Orca Browser (developed by Anderson Che - of Avant Browser fame), it does not as yet include support for the other gecko browsers, and whilst I don't use them myself (MUCH prefer Avant and Orca Browser), this is something I am planning to add.

In addition to the above, two other features are also in the pipeline to be included. Firstly the cleaning of the DNS cache - something I've had planned for a while but never gotten round to implementing (mainly because I kept forgetting about it), along with a monitor/scheduler. The monitor will allow you to keep track of the size of the index.dat files, temp and TIF etc folders in real-time, and the scheduler to have the program do it's work at a day(s)/time(s) of your choosing, without it having to be done manually.

IDS 3 did have a release date initially, of June 1st. However, due to time constraints, this has been pushed back to August 1st, with a plan of releasing one or two beta's inbetween now and then to allow testing of new features.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Wesley Vogul, Spy1 (Pete), Tom (TeMerc) and of course, Ken Howey, for their continued support and promoting of Index.dat Suite - I have been, and continue to be, extremely grateful.
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