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Wednesday 17 May 2006 - mysteryfcm.co.uk DNS issues
As mentioned in this months newsletter, the mysteryfcm.co.uk server, and facilities that utilize it, have been impacted by either disabled features and/or confusing error messages. I would like to sincerely apologise to everyone that has been impacted by this.

Due to a package change with my ISP (from residential to business), I was provided with a new IP address (suprised myself somewhat as I was not expecting it). This change, paired with improperly handled DNS changes at PlusNet's side, has meant a whole heap of problems with site's failing to load due to both the old and new IP being present in one (that I've found so far) of their DNS servers. Leaving parts of several of my websites, aswell as the Ur I.T. Mate Group Intranet and support ticket system, unavailable.

At the time of sending this months newsletter, the issue was still unfortunately, unaddressed by PlusNet, who suprise suprise, decided it was my network to blame instead. As luck would have it however, a member of the volunteer support staff on the PlusNet forums has since gotten in touch with the PlusNet network team, and had the problematic DNS server error corrected for me.

Though most of the issues should now be gone, I would very much welcome any notes from visitors that continue to experience problems;

1. Accessing either the support website, or main homepage
2. Sending comments, e-mails et al, via the WebGrid website
3. Sending comments on e-mail enabled sGB guestbooks
4. Sending comments and bug reports via the Product Support website

Especially those that can send me tracert and nslookup results. The IP that should be seen is If instead you see results resolving to, please do let me know.

Sites affected:


Additional websites that utilize the mysteryfcm.co.uk mail server were also affected, including;

Homepage - www.it-mate.co.uk
Product Support - support.it-mate.co.uk
sGB - guestbook.it-mate.co.uk
Freeware Library - freeware.it-mate.co.uk
WebGrid - www.webgrid.co.uk

Once again I cannot apologise enough for any inconvenience this error may have caused.
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