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Wednesday 14 September 2005 - End of the forums (updated), Avant goes Gecko
UPDATED: 22:50 GMT London

End of the forums

Those of you that take note of the Ur I.T. Mate Group news, may remember my mentioning plans to develop and introduce a new "support ticket" system. I am happy to announce, I've been making excellent progress on it and plan on having it completed and available for public use, by the end of today.

Unlike the forums, the ticket system does not require registration (you don't even have to give a name or e-mail address if you don't want to). It is completely free and open to visitors and site/software users (should this feature be abused, this will change).

For a sneak preview of what it actually looks like, please see the following screenshots.


I am pleased to announce, the new ticket system is now online. Please note however, whilst I have tried to ensure there are no problems, I would very much appreciate both your feedback on this system, and notice of any problems you find.

To access the new ticket system, please click the link below.


Avant goes Gecko

Just as Neo went to the machine world to face Agent Smith (aka the guy with quite possibly the creepiest voice in the world (besides Jerry Springer of course)), so to has Anderson decided to face the Firefox and Mozilla fanatics - in the form of Dr Orca.

Forget the gorgeous girl, the extremely gorgeous attire (don't you just love his coat and suit?, I know I do), the rather spiffy gadgets and wonderful music. This time Anderson is fighting the good fight as .... an Orca?
The Orca 'Killer' Whale
Dr Orca, the name for Andersons new project, is a Gecko based version of the very popular Avant Browser. Though I've only had time to take a brief look at it, it has outperformed Firefox and Mozilla in my opinion - and it's not even left the Alpha stages yet!.

Could this spell the end of Avant Browser?, I very much doubt it, but for those worried about the "IE" security issues whom would still like to use the features provided by Avant Browser, there is now a more serious choice. Watch out for the 'killer' ladies and gents, the end of the Avant vs Mozilla/Firefox debate is nearer than you think!.

Until it is out of the Alpha stages, you can find the lovely Orca in the Avant Browser Forums.

Avant Browser Forums - Dr Orca
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