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Wednesday 12 April 2006 - Woopsididly, When hacks go wrong .. kinda

I've done it again .. not only had I forgotten about last months Editors Choice (Freeware Library), I got into the office yesterday, turned on my PC's monitor to be greeted with Great News (I love that program!), and realised I'd also forgotten about this months newsletter ...

I was planning on starting it at around 10-11pm last night but alas, as usual I got distracted by work so still haven't started it. However, I've made a promise to myself to put it at the top of my list of priorites for when I return from work later this evening, so will hopefully have it out tonight. For now, it's 02:09 and I can barely keep my poor eye's open (ran out of match sticks), so am going to check on the conversion progress, and am then going to bed (sorry folks but I've got to be up again in around 4 hours or so).

When hacks go wrong .. kinda

I'm sure you know the score already but I'm in the mood for a rant of sorts, so am going to ramble anyway. Having decided to work from home this afternoon, I duly burnt a load of work to DVD and began to make my way home - an hour and a half later, I was here (and I only bleedin work 10 mins away! - damn transport) and through the door, splendid.

I finished my lunch and got myself a coffee as I made my way to the PC's I was planning on using. The work itself involves dumping a load of work onto one of the Windows machines, and running a few commands on the Ubuntu box (there's a little more too it than that, but thats the basics). Not realising I'd removed Ubuntu, I began installing it - woopie, faster than last time to install. First hurdle - Ubuntu doesn't support wireless. No problem I figured, I'll leave that and get the Windows box up and running. An hour or so later and Windows was up and running on the Pentium II - second hurdle - it's not detecting the wireless card (it supports wireless - had one prior to my lending the machine to one of my brothers friends).

Fine I figured, the PII can bugger off. I then had a brain wave (yep, I started to get worried too). I duly began taking the Dell Optiplex apart (this used to have Ubuntu on it), removed it's floppy drive (I don't use floppies anymore anyway) and whacked the HD in that I was going to be using for the work, then whacked in the HD from the PII that had Windows on it. Everything went hunky dory - sort of. The machine prompted me that the floppy had been removed - no problem, just disable the floppy in the BIOS - takes a few seconds at most. The machine began booting - then nada, nothing - the screen just went blank (I could hear the HD's loading Windows). Being one to like troubleshooting, I turned it off and removed the second drive, Windows then loaded perfectly - no problem. The Dell Optiplex only comes with a single drive, CD-Rom and a floppy - no space for extra drives - yet the BIOS recognized the second drive? (it only went pear shaped when loading Windows).

So anyway, having had enough, I've installed Ubuntu, along with the second HD containing the work, onto what used to be my intranet server. The install still took forever and a day (admittedly, it didn't take long when installing it on one of the machines at work), and I still had to use a gozillion TCLA's (Terminal Command Line Arguments), but phase one is thankfully complete - just two more to go.

Now, I'm off to install Opera and remove Firefox whilst the system is processing the data (it's gonna take a while ...).

I do have one question though, and this is aimed toward the LiveCD fanatics (regardless of "distro"). If a "LiveCD" is indeed a "Live" version of the OS, and doesn't require a HD, why does it present problems and in most cases, either fail to load completely, or take 10 times longer to load when either no HD is present, or the HD has failed?.
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