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Tuesday 11 October 2005 - Electricity goes walk-about, Newsletter suffers temporary insanity
Electricity goes walk-about

At approximately 17:00 (GMT London), the North Tyneside area of Newcastle Upon Tyne (United Kingdom) suffered a major powercut. Unfortunately, this meant the intranet server that holds the news server, FTP server and vURL services, was unavailable.

The power came back on around 10 or so minutes ago and at present, I am driving myself crazy ensuring the systems are okay (last time there was a powercut, it took out the server completely, requiring certain hardware needing replaced).

I would like to apologise for the outage and ask anyone that was as annoyed as myself, please feel free to send a humerous complaint to Northern Electric (my electricity supplier).

Newsletter suffers temporary insanity

If you have not already read the latest Ur I.T. Mate Group newsletter, you will not have noticed, in an effort to suprise those that subscribe to it, the content was a little different to the norm.

With a touch on a subject over a year and a half old, along with a blatant attempt at showing the UK and US governments what I think of them, I am more than sure one of two things will be in the front of your minds (either you'll think I went mad, or you'll like the difference to the "norm").

On a side note however, I put forward a question that has been frustrating myself for well over a year. The subject in question being unwanted e-mails, and the idea of getting rid of it before it even gets to your e-mail providers server.

If you have 5 or so minutes free, please feel free to send me your thoughts on this months newsletter.
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