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Thursday 11 August 2005 - Green Day got it right, McAfee/PestPatrol false positives, The help file fiasco
Green Day got it right

The ever immortal words of "Wake me up when September ends", a wonderful track from the bands album, American Idiot, has done something no other song could seem to do... make me start liking them!.

The song has been successful in doing this for two reasons, first and foremost, it is a fantastic song (as are the rest of the tracks from the album). However, there is another side to the story that is probably the main reason for my writing this drivel. The first of August does something that drives me absolutely mad, reminds me my birthday is only two weeks later and thus, that I am getting older. The song from Green Day, however silly this is going to sound, reminds me that September is looming just round the corner.

In light of this, as was reported in this months newsletter, due to the stubborness of my sister, I shall be unavailable to answer e-mails from Saturday 13th to Monday 15th of August 2005. Should you have a query regarding one of my applications and/or websites, please check the knowledgebase, frequently asked questions and where applicable, the applications help file. If you are still unable to locate an answer to your query, please feel free to e-mail me and I shall return a reply as soon as I get back.

McAfee/PestPatrol false positives

Viruses, spyware and trojans seem to be the norm these days, what with new variations etc, being released on pretty much a weekly basis. Obviously, this trend has brought more and more work on the antivirus companies. Confusing however, is their apparent trend for false positives.

The latest false positives come from both McAfee and PestPatrol and concern Index.dat Suite. In McAfee's case, it is with the generated batch file but in PestPatrol's case, it is with the Index.dat Suite uninstallation file that is created when installing Index.dat Suite.

Details on both of these, along with user suggested work-arounds, are available in the Knowledgebase.

KBID #28: McAfee detects trojan bat/qd313 when generating batch file

KBID #29: PestPatrol reports Index.dat Suite uninstall file (unins(n).exe) as "Actual Spy" keylogger

Unfortunately, whilst an e-mail was sent to McAfee/CA and a phone call made to CA, permanent solutions do not seem to be forthcoming (in PestPatrol's case, the only advice received from CA was to have those experiencing the alert, to send details via the online technical support form). To date, no reply has been received from McAfee.

A beta release of Index.dat Suite was released on August 6th and should provide a temporary resolution for those using McAfee.

The help file fiasco

One of the things I try to do if I deem it necessary, is to create a help file for applications I create. This was initially done using a freeware application to create "E-book" style (and very basic) documentation. However, I later decided to go with a commercial application to create them as I felt they looked better.

Whilst only 2-3 of my applications have what I would consider, completed help files, most currently do not. This is mostly for two reasons, the first of which is a lack of time and the second, the application is in my opinion, too basic to warrant dedicating the time it would take to write a dedicated help file (e.g. B Gone, Index.dat QV). Whilst I do appreciate the online FAQ's and the knowledgebase are possibly not as helpful as they could be, I am updating them when questions come in.

I would like to make one minor note to those thinking of sending feedback and/or questions, e-mails containing comments such as the following will no longer be answered but will instead, be resigned to the rubbish bin.
"why the hell are there no help files with these programs?
s lock appears to be some sort of joke"
If the application does not work for you, then by all means, send me an e-mail and we'll work together to resolve it, should you wish to do so, however, comments such as the above are offensive considering the applications are created as a hobby (contrary to popular belief, Ur I.T. Mate Group is NOT a company, it is a one man show) and provided to yourself as freeware.
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