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Monday 11 July 2005 - Power cut, sGB updates complete
Power cut

I would like to apologise to those that experienced problems accessing the intranet and/or support sites within the last hour or so.

Unfortunately, my local area had a major powercut that took out the relay (I have not been told what caused it, just that "something" did).

The servers are back online now and are currently undergoing diagnostics to make sure everythings okay. Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience (and should you wish to, feel free to send a complaint to my electric company).

sGB updates complete

I am pleased to announce, the planned updates to the sGB service are now complete.

New additions to the sGB guestbooks include;
  1. Multi-post delete when blocking posters IP
  2. Reverse lookup on blocked IP's
  3. Additional Notes for blocked IP's
  4. New post notifications
  5. Private/public posts
The documentation shall be updated as soon as possible.
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