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Tuesday 11 January 2005 - Newsletter, Site Updates, New Public FTP Server

I would first of all like to apologise for the newsletter not being sent yet. Unfortunately, due to everything thats going on at present, I have not had a chance to compose it (though as my mail server is still playing up, the chance of it sending successfully is slim at best anyway). I shall instead, try and have it out by the end of the week.

There are several updates planned for 4 of our site's at present, these include;

Site Updates


At present, the site you are viewing now was originally designed so everything had to be done manually. This is to change to CMS within the next few weeks. CMS will make it much easier for myself to perform updates, add additional content etc (including the reviews section).

The design itself will most likely stay the same however as I am quite happy with it at present.


An update is planned to the support site that will hopefully make it easier for visitors to send bug reports, and additionally, add comments to the page pertaining to the product he or she is using.

An additional update is also planned that will allow you to search our new FTP server for any missing/updated etc files. At present the Public FTP Server website itself is under construction, as such, this is a low priority at the moment (additional updates on this shall be presented in due course).


There are currently 2 main updates planned for the Freeware Library. The first of which is a bug fix in the "new program" listings (at present, editing them marks them as no longer new). There is also a search engine planned for this website, along with an option to leave comments for the programs listed. An additional update is also planned, this will see the return of our "Program of the Month" feature that was present prior to the new site design.


Our Icon Library is to be given a complete make-over, along with a move to a new home. The URL for the new home is currently in consideration, but will most likely be icons.it-mate.co.uk.

Additional updates to our other site's and services shall be made public in due course.

New Public FTP Server

As some of you may have already noticed, we now have a brand new public FTP server. This server has been setup to provide both ourselves with a mirror site, and our visitors, with a new service.

As previously mentioned, the website for this new service is currently under development. However, once finished, the service will be made available to our visitors. Updates on this shall be provided in due course.
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