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Monday 10 September 2007 - Nightmare on server street, Romeo & Juliet
Nightmare on server street

No doubt some of you will have noticed the intranet has been down quite alot recently (more like a yoyo). Unfortunately, at present I'm unsure as to the cause (pretty sure it's a resource issue, but still tracking it down - it's currently being rather evasive, leaving no clues, errors or logs to go on).

I setup a secondary server in the hopes that it would prevent the site going down completely. Alas, the server has had other ideas, so I've implemented an extra check to correct this. You can check which server you are connected to by looking at the bottom of the site.

In the meantime, this has also presented one or two minor issues with the database. This site runs on MS Access databases at present, which have proven to be a royal PITA when it comes to connecting to one via a network (UNC) path, so you may notice minor discrepancies with vURL and the ticket system until I either correct it, or move them to MySQL (likely going to do the latter as it will be alot easier).

In the meantime, please accept my apologies for any inconvenience.

Romeo & Juliet

Thats right folks, I've got some good news to go with the bad news. At the beginning of July, I was involved in a minor accident that's left me with a broken arm and wrist (bleedin painful bugger too!). On the plus side however, I've gotten myself a gorgeous new girlfriend called Rachel. Incidentally, she's also the reason I've not been online as much (namely because I've been staying at hers quite alot).

Fret not however, there's still things to come, including the hpHosts competitions (I know I missed the August competition, and of course, the September competition is running a little late), updates to Index.dat Suite (which as of the latest beta, include both a new help file and new features/modifications). I've also got the second part of the CyberDefender review to do (which may take a little longer as I've had to use my test machine for the secondary Intranet server), along with one or two articles and of course, a re-write of the Freeware Library, Support Site and sURL website's.
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