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Saturday 10 September 2005 - Intranet downtime, Very best or very worst?, Software announcement
Intranet downtime

As is typical, just when things are running smoothly, something happens to mess it all up. Unfortunately however, in this case that something is me. In order to prevent future problems such as file corruption, drives dying etc, I've decided the intranet server needs a little TLC.

From 12:00 (GMT London) tomorrow, the intranet server will be offline whilst it has it's innards and outtards (is that even a word?) cleansed of the PCB (Personal Computer Bacteria) that has been collecting both inside and outside of the machine. Further to this, sGB users are advised the mail server used to process e-mails, will also be unavailable for 2-3 hours tomorrow whilst maintenance is performed.

Affected software/services are;
  1. News server
  2. Mail server
  3. Newsletter (inc accounts)
  4. vURL
  5. AB Extension Pack (vURL, Multi-Search, Google/Babelfish translators)
  6. Index.dat Suite (vURL)
  7. Index.dat QV (vURL)
I shall try and keep the downtime to a minimum, however, please allow upto 4 hours.

Very best or very worst?

Spam is something you have to get used to when you start using or working with, the internet. It's certainly something thats now become a daily routine. However, one specific "company" (yes EMG, I mean you!) has decided not to be like everyone else and just spam me once every now and then.

As is usually the case with spammers, EMG have decided they like sending me mail so much that they just have to send me 2-300 PER DAY! (equating to several thousand over the last 4 weeks). Two words now spring to mind when I receive an e-mail from EMG (and they're not "thank" and "you"). How they got my e-mail address is anyone's guess (there's certainly no shortage of ways to get it) but EMG have now become the worst spammer I've ever had the displeasure of receiving e-mail from.

As you've no doubt guessed, EMG wish to sell me stuff, half the time I've no idea what that "stuff" actually is as I tend to delete it as soon as I see it. The latest e-mail (apparently from someone called "Frank") wants to sell me "Designer Prescription Glasses" (different atleast) for "A FRACTION OF THE RETAIL PRICE", on behalf of a company called "ITC S.A." (based in Twickenham, UK). I was going to send poor Frank an e-mail to let him know I don't need glasses (T/TV you see ) but decided I'd write something about it here instead.

The point in writing this you ask?, I needed to vent my frustration (my poor mail server has found itself turning to the drink in order to cope).

Software announcement

Usually when I am planning new software and/or updates to existing applications, I'd just do them then put them on the site. In this case however, I've decided to write a little something.

This month has been quite busy as far as the software is concerned, with two applications already updated, and more on the way. The applications updated so far this month are B Gone and PUI, the former of which has seen a much requested addition in the form of tabbed browser support (atleast, partially).

Updates currently in the works include Index.dat Suite, Index.dat QV and AB Extension Pack. I am currently working on these and shall hopefully have them released within the next two weeks or so. In addition, AB Edit has asked for a re-write and as I'm feeling kind, have decided to give it what it wants. AB Edit is to be re-written entirely from scratch in order to improve on both looks and function.

In addition to the updates, I am also planning on writing two new applications. The first is a replacement for the previously discontinued "IE Interigator" (although a new name for it has not yet been decided (nor has a design for that matter)). The second is a utility to coincide with the vURL service that will allow you to use a non-web based version to dissect web pages from your home computer. Release dates for both of these are yet to be finalised.

Along with the above, the following applications are to be discontinued as of October 1st.

1. DIB (DOS is back)
2. Crack That Password
3. Mercury Editor
4. F-Store

Support for discontinued applications will still be provided, however, updates will not.
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