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Monday 09 October 2006 - A note to hpHosts users, Duplicate newsletter
A note to hpHosts users

Those in "the community" will already be aware that yours truly was graciously offered the role of looking after the hpHosts file, in order to allow hpGuru, more time with his family.

Understandably, some of the current hpHosts users, have asked and are wondering, if I am both upto the task of carrying on in hpGuru's footsteps. I know some of my friends, and some users of some of my site's and/or applications etc, have told you I am a trustworthy person, and I thank them for that.

However, this does not help those that do not know me, and does not lay their fears to rest. In a first step to doing this, I would simply like to say, it was truly an honour to be offered hpGuru's role in hpHosts, and I will do nothing less than my absolute best, to keep the quality of the hpHosts file, to the same standards hpGuru kept it to.

I hope you will allow me the time to prove to YOU that I am up to the task, and thankyou in advance.



hpHosts forums:

Duplicate newsletter

Apologies to those that received two copies of this months newsletters. Thanks to my ISP once again doing something they shouldn't be doing, my mail server borked on me whilst sending out the newsletter, meaning some of you got two copies, and some didn't receive it at all.

Rather than re-send it and risk a third copy being distributed to those that have already received it, those that did not, can view it online via the "Newsletter" link at the top of the page.
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