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Friday 07 April 2006 - Electricity went walkies, Ubuntu making a forced come back, Schedule UNscheduled
Electricity went walkies

I would just like to apologise for those that may have experienced problems connecting to my site's within the past hour or so. Unfortunately the power went out in the whole of my local area approximately an hour/ ago and just came back around 10 or so mins ago.

Thankfully, nothing major seems to have been affected this time (all 3 servers are back online and fully functional) but please, feel free to have a go at NEDL for me (I bleedin well will be!).

Ubuntu making a forced come back

Yes folks, it seems someone got wind of my review of Ubuntu and decided it was time for payback as low and behold, UK Digital Storage (the company I work for) now runs a machine on Unbuntu 5.10 (well, it technically dual boots, but thats just a technicality as Windows will no longer be getting used) - meaning I've now got to take some serious learning time to get more familiar with it than I currently am. Be sure to look forward to yet more of my "opinions" on Unbuntu and Linux ...

Unfortunately, the machine I used to have Ubuntu installed on, is now used solely for backing up the server (saves pinching a partition on my brothers machine) so once I get the test machine working, that will be used and dedicated to, Ubuntu (I can already hear the Ubuntee's laughing at me).

As an aside, I don't suppose any of you would happen to know how to build a UPS system that would sustain an entire network of 5-6 PC's, for no less than 48 hours? (a friend was going to build me one a few months ago, but he seems to have vanished for now).

Schedule UNscheduled

In January of this year, I introduced a small schedule of sorts in an attempt to give expected time frames for completition of updates to software, services and websites run by myself. Unfortunately, this schedule seems to have taken a major back burner, along with the majority of the updates due to one thing or another deciding it just didn't want to play ball. I am sorry to say, my new job has now officially guaranteed the scheduled dates are pretty much completely inaccurate now.

I would therefore like to assure everyone that whilst the dates are no longer accurate, I am still spending as much of my free time as possible, completing the jobs referenced on it, along with a few that are not.
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