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Sunday 06 November 2005 - Day of rest .. sort of, An ADded response, Whats going on?
Day of rest .. sort of

I would just like to note, I shall be unavailable for most of today as I've unfortunately been forced to leave the house to deal with a problem that my brother alerted me to an hour or so ago.

This unfortunately means I shall be unable to respond to e-mails until around this evening at the earliest. In the meantime, should any queries be concerning software, please refer to the knowledgebase and of course, the applicable programs FAQ.

An ADded response

I've had quite a few e-mails from people wondering why I've "contradicted myself" by placing adverts for Tri-Snap and WinPatrol on the Freeware Library and the Intranet. I would just like to make things clear.

The adverts you see on both of the sites are there because I like that program. I DO NOT get paid to display these adverts, nor do I receive any other form of "gratitude" from the respective company for doing so. Similarly, the side advert on the homepage for Bitwise, is there because I love Bitwise' magazine, again I do not get paid for displaying this.

With regards to the PlusNet advert, this again is there because I happen to love my ISP and feel compelled to recommend them. Though I do not receive payment for displaying the PlusNet ad, I do receive money off my ISP's monthly charge when people sign up for one of their packages (and for those interested, the amount ranges from 50 pence to 1.50).

Whats going on?

This is basically just a note as to what is actually going on around here, and why updates have been few and far between lately.

Currently, I am working on 2 new websites (one for Helen Benoist and the other for WebGrid), both of these are keeping me pretty busy.

In addition, I am also working on a brand new desktop version of the vURL dissection service, aswell as updates to PUI, Index.dat Suite, Index.dat QV and Quick Compare. I am also in the process of re-writing AB Edit, Dir 2 File and the recently withdrawn, Who's There applications.

With these, and my responsibilities and activities elsewhere online (and of course, work offline), I am presently unable to release updates as much as I used to, and am also trying to get on top of the Intranet and main website updates/additions.
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