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Sunday 06 March 2005 - Intranet, newsletter updates, server gone mad, see you Monday

Work finally began on building our new intranet a few days ago. I am pleased to say, quite a bit of it has already been completed. I am hoping to get this finished by the end of next week.

Once completed, this will house our new newsletter system along with the news page you see here. This means when you register for the newsletter, access the news page, you will no longer be accessing a .it-mate.co.uk domain directly (information will be pulled via XMLHTTP from my private server).

Further updates shall be provided in due course.

Newsletter updates

As the intranet is almost complete, I am hoping to have the March newsletter out on time. However, in case this does not happen, I shall try and have it out within the next 7 days.

Server gone mad

Don't you just love it when things go smoothly?, yes, so do I. Unfortunately Microsoft had other ideas when they developed Windows 2000 Server. Since installing this mamoth, virtually everything that could go wrong, has done.

As some of you may have noticed, the server that houses our public FTP server, has been like a yo-yo over the past few days. To top this off, the system went completely last night during a re-boot. Due to a "security accounts manager initialization failed" error, the system was offline until this morning and has had to be restored to a backup since then.

Thankfully it is back up and running now with only a few minor niggles here and there (I officially hate Active Directory!).

See you Monday!

As of noon today, I am off to stay at my brothers until Monday morning (from which I shall be going to work). This unfortunately means I shall be unable to reply to e-mails and/or posts on the forums.

I shall try and get access using my brothers computer. However, in the case I am unable to do so, I shall see you all on Monday night. Hope you all have a great Sunday!.
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