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Wednesday 05 October 2005 - Credit card scam, Bon Jovi would be disgusted!, Charmed ... I'm sure
Credit card scam

You know how it is, you've seen one scam, you've seen them all. Well this time I've decided to publicize one of them.

I recently received 5 e-mails in a row from and advertising, expressprocessing.com and quickdimer.com. The e-mails were your bog standard stuff;
Sorry. Your account was temporally locked.
The credit card transaction was declined.
This is an email receipt for your recent payment you just made.

Now, not only does this spammer have a worrying lack of spelling knowledge, he/she/they also want my credit card details (good job it was taken away from me years ago really .... isn't it?). Interestingly however, I decided to do a quick WhoIs on expressprocess.com and what should it come up with?, thats right, the domain is apparently for sale.


So some poor guy with a rather funny name (they were all intended for a Mr H (High?) Wall in Basingstoke (UK)) has not only had the misfortune of having his name embalmed in mud, but he's not even being allowed to receive the e-mail's that were obviously meant for him and not myself (I know, sarcasm is not my strongest point). Being the helpful person I am, I am putting this here not only in an effort to educate the less knowledgable folks that may take these e-mails seriously, but also to let Mr Wall know it is not a problem with his mail server and the e-mails are not being stolen by the Chinese government.

In a blatant attempt to end the confusion, I shall simply say, if you receive Mr Walls e-mails (subject lines thus far: "SORRY. YOUR ACCOUNT LOCKED", "NOTIFICATION. YOUR ACCOUNT LOCKED."), please forward them to;

expressprocessing.com: abuse AT rackspace.com AND CC (Carbon Copy) to: abuse@gmail.com (the owner of the domain in question is a GMail user)
quickdimer.com: abuse@dreamhost.com

Related files:

WhoIs results: http://mysteryfcm.co.uk/misc/scam_expressprocessing_com.txt
E-mail content: http://mysteryfcm.co.uk/misc/scam_expressprocessing_com_mail.txt
WhoIs results: http://mysteryfcm.co.uk/misc/scam_quickdimer_com.txt
E-mail content: http://mysteryfcm.co.uk/misc/scam_quickdimer_com_mail.txt

Bon Jovi would be disgusted!

I'm sure some of you have had times when you've not bothered to do something because you were too tired to move (if not, I'm jealous!), well this has for some reason, been happening to myself lately. Contrary to 'I'll sleep when I'm dead' (the video for this song is amazing!), I did something I do not normally do and fell asleep around 16:00 yesterday evening, not to arise until 05:00 this morning (30 minutes before I had to go to work incidentaly).

This quite obviously meant alot of work was not done on the software, websites etc etc, and e-mails were not answered. I must apologise for this and assure you, I am working as fast as I can to get everything done (especially as there is a newsletter due in 4 days and I've not even started it yet).

I know you're all sitting there wondering what on earth made me mention this, so I'll set your minds at ease (or try to anyway). Being asleep for 15 or so hours has annoyed me, partially because I rarely if ever, sleep for more than a couple of hours, but mainly because I do not like to keep people waiting, especially when the reason they are waiting is myself (e.g. they've uncovered a bug within one of my applications and it is preventing them using such). I prefer to get things straightened out in a timely manner.

In the case of my sites (bet you were wondering when I'd get to those? (nope, me neither)), there are two main one's waiting for alot of work to be completed (namely, the main homepage, and the Intranet), with two more awaiting development/re-design.

I am currently in the process of working on resolving a bug within the B Gone whitelist routine (special thanks to Mr Mathews for the reports) but plan on beginning to work on everything else once finished.

Charmed ... I'm sure!

Those that know me well enough will no doubt get the meaning of the title and this is more of a rant than anything else.

For those that do not know, Charmed is a wonderful (and incidentaly, my favourite) television show about three sisters that just so happen to be witches. These three are what you might call the vixen of America - fighting "evil" (when they're not falling in love with it that is) to make everyone else's life a little easier.

My rant however, is not about the show itself, but about the makers of the show.

Charmed started several years ago and as far as I am aware, was never meant to be released on DVD/video, alas, they knew what I was thinking and started releasing it.... a season at a time. The first was released around my birthday so guess what I got as a present (yep, you guessed it... season 1). 2 months later came season 2, and Monday gone saw the release of Season 3. Now, not releasing them all at the same time is certainly a good thing (would take several years for me to save up enough to get them all), but what really gets my goose is the price (50 for season 1 and 2 and 45 for season 3).

Even further, they are upto season 8 in the US (alledgedly the final season), yet we are only up to season 6 over here?, why?. They did the same thing with Buffy and Angel (incidentaly, two of my other favourite shows). I'm rather perplexed by this - why the delay?.

To add insult to injury, literally no-where has the soundtracks (found the ones for Buffy some time ago (15 each!!??) but not Angel unfortunately). I know they are available somewhere as they're available for download on the Peer to Peer networks, yet none of my local music stores seem able to decipher what I am on about, and do not have them available for import.

You may think I am just ranting about balderdash here and perhaps I am, but I needed to vent (those in the US have me extremely jealous - about a TV show of all things!).
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