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Tuesday 05 July 2005 - Line upgrades, The router to heaven, Software/site updates, it-mate.co.uk e-mail
Line upgrades

Although things have not gone so well with the intranet lately, I am happy to report, the intranet is no longer on a 512K ADSL line. Though I could have just waited until August and had the upgrade done for free, I decided it was too important to wait and have had it upgraded to 2MB (finalised as of today). Once I am able to, this will be upgraded again to 8MB.

This should hopefully see an increase in the loading times for both the intranet and support sites (the latter of which retrieves the news headlines from the intranet server). There was a minor niggle a few hours ago that saw timeouts whilst retrieving the headlines, this has now been sorted out and will hopefully, not happen again.

The router to heaven

Those of you that have had the displeasure of working with routers on Windows 2000 Server will no doubt have had the same problems that I seem to have had/am having, so in saying this, I have a simple question... why on earth is this so darn irritating?.

When you install a standard modem, you install the drivers, install and configure the firewall and voila, everything works. Not so with the router...

I recently installed a router that allows my brother to use my internet connection, everything went smoothly at first. There was no problem with his PC connecting to the internet, fantastic I thought. Then I tried the server.. nothing. For some reason best known to itself, the server machine, whilst able to receive incoming connections, does not seem to like outgoing ones, even after making sure the router, router firewall and software firewall, are all configured correctly and playing nicely together. This has unfortunately led to problems with the SMTP server, my replying to e-mails (both of which have been sorted out temporarily with the moving of both to a different computer) and my FTP (the FTP server is fine, but alas, the client is not).

I am almost certain these problems are due to a conflict between the routers DNS and the servers internal DNS, but am unfortunately, at a loss as to how or why (there's three computers on the network and it's only the server thats having the problem). In saying this however, as the server is no longer used for browsing the internet, this is not so much of a problem as it is an annoyance (if you are anything like myself, you will understand my frustration at being beaten by a mere computer (I've scowered the MS knowledgebase, search engines, and have even asked for advice on the newsgroups and 3 different forums thus far, to no avail)).

Software/site updates

Although not quite how I had planned, I am pleased to report progress on software updates are taking shape. Since June 13th 4 applications have been updated with 2 more on the way. There are still a few awaiting updates including the re-development of Dir 2 File (a bug fix will be released within the next week or so, with a brand new version due late November).

Updates to websites are still going slower than planned but are thankfully, starting to take shape. Still to be complete are the updates to sGB and sURL, along with a re-design of the free hosted forums website. sGB updates are currently ongoing and will hopefully be completed by October, in the meantime, the redesign of the forums website is being finalised and will be implemented within the next 2 weeks.

A brand new forum has also been under development since May but due to recent events, is currently on hold.

it-mate.co.uk e-mail

Further to the report of May 16th (updated May 24th), I would like to re-iterate the warning concerning e-mails that are claiming to have been sent by Ur I.T. Mate Group. As previously reported, these e-mails contain viruses and should be deleted as soon as they are received (DO NOT open them and most importantly, DO NOT run the attatchments!). Those of you that have been following Ur I.T. Mate Group will know, e-mails do NOT get sent out unless a request for such is made (e.g. support with one of our applications). Detailed information on these e-mails can be found in the knowledgebase below.

KBID# 26: [ALERT] E-mail claiming to come from Ur I.T. Mate Group
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