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Saturday 05 February 2005 - Public FTP Server ... again, Newsletter, Application Updates, Have you been yet?
As mentioned last Monday, the upgrade to Windows 2000 Advanced Server did not go too well. After trying no less than 5 times to get it to install and work properly, I've decided not to bother with it. Instead an upgrade shall be started within the next hour or so to Windows NT 4.0 Server. This means both myself and the FTP server, shall be unavailable today until the upgrade is complete (assuming this one goes better than the last).


Due to the on-going problems with my mail server, I have decided to design and develop a brand new CMS system that will hopefully make things both easier on myself, and more reliable as far as the actual mailing is concerned. An initial design shall be drawn up later today/early tomorrow.

Although I wrote the newsletters in one of my own applications, I was restricted to using a third party freeware mailer to actually mail the newsletters. Under the new system, the whole process shall be dealt with using a single intranet based system.

Application Updates

Following the announcement in mid November 2004, and after a considerable amount of re-thinking, I have decided to re-start providing both updates to existing applications, and e-mail support. Updates shall be completed as and when I feel necessary, however, due to other commitments, e-mail support shall be provided on a limited basis only.

Have you been yet?

I've been visiting the ISC (Internet Storm Center) for several months now and have found it to be possibly the best resource for security related updates. Their "Handlers Diaries" are extremely humerous at times (Mr Liston springs to mind). If you have not yet been, get yourself over there, I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy it just as much as I do.
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