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Saturday 04 June 2005 - Legit or Suspicious?, AB Extension Pack, Bitwise Magazine, Intranet Server
Legit or Suspicious?

I receive spam and virus infected e-mails on a daily basis, but rarely do I receive an e-mail that has me wondering whether or not an e-mail is actually a legit one. Today was the first time in a very long time that I have been undecided and after querying the e-mail, content and source, I am still undecided.

The e-mail claimed to be in response to an e-mail sent via the it-mate.co.uk mail server (a little impossible as I'd have known if I sent it) which leaves one of two theories;

1. The e-mail is a scam
2. The e-mail was deliberately given a false from e-mail address

As the account the e-mail claimed to come from, is not a valid one on my server, the latter is quite possible. However, there are no links within the e-mail that I received, only a query for a reply to confirm the sender (which I am obviously not going to do).

The e-mail claiming to have originated from the it-mate.co.uk server contains a link pointing to the Yahoo.com finance server. A lookup using the vURL service shows this is infact, not an actual Yahoo webpage (additionally obvious by the latter part of it's URL).


This allows for the second theory to be the most likely. However, the content of the e-mail received by myself (sent via the speakeasy.net network) leaves open the first theory;

... <[REMOVED]> isn't in my address book, so I don't know if you're a real person or just junk mail.

My mail gateway will hold your original e-mail message for 14 days. If you actually are a real person, all you have to do is reply to this bounce message within that time, and it will automatically whitelist your address and deliver the mail you originally sent. And you'll be able to e-mail me from this address as much as you like without ever seeing this message again :)

If you can't use "reply" for some reason, then you can also just send a blank e-mail to the following address:


and that'll work too.

Sorry for the bother, but I get several thousand bulk e-mails a day and wouldn't be able to use my e-mail otherwise!

- [name, company and URL removed]

I'm interested to know, what are your thoughts on this?, have you ever received an e-mail containing the above?

NB: If you are the sender of the above e-mail please note, the e-mail has been forwarded to Yahoo's abuse department in the hopes they will investigate the URL contained within the e-mail alledged to have been received by yourself

AB Extension Pack

I am pleased to announce, due to the many e-mails I received, the AB Extension Pack has been given a homepage of it's own on the Ur I.T. Mate Group Product Support server. This provides information on how to use the pack, download locations, and a FAQ.

Of course, the FAQ and "How To" pages will be updated as and when necessary. In the meantime, should you have a request, comment or suggestion concerning this, please either send a note or post them over at the official ABEP thread on the Avant Browser forums.

AB Extension Pack Requests:

AB Extension Pack Comments and Suggestions:

For information on the AB Extension Pack, please see the AB Extension Pack homepage;


Bitwise Magazine

Reviewing the Microsoft forums, I came accross a post titled "Delphi for VB Developers" containing mention of a video interview with a well known and respected Borland VP, Mr Intersimone, naturally I could not help but take a look.

Contained within the post was a link to a brand new online magazine called Bitwise. After reviewing the site using the vURL dissection service, I went forth and visited the site.

Bitwise Magazine' website is aimed primarily at programmers of various languages including Delphi, VB, .Net, and whilst still being in it's infantry, contains an impressive array of information for both existing and budding developers. If your already a developer or are thinking of getting into the field, I strongly reccomend bookmarking this site and if your a Delphi fan, take a look at the interview.

Bitwise Magazine

Intranet Server

As previous mentioned, the Intranet server will be going offline Sunday night/Monday morning (as I have to leave for work at 05:30, the server will be turned off around 00:00 - 01:00 (GMT London) on Monday morning).

This will allow me to perform maintanence and upgrades prior to my going to work so it can be turned straight back on once the electricity meter is upgraded. During this downtime, several services shall be unavailable, details of which can be found in the previous announcement.

I shall also obviously, be unavailable via e-mail. However, should you require support during this time, please check the products FAQ, our Knowledgebase and of course, our forums. All e-mails sent during the downtime shall be replied to in the order they were received, once I am able to do so. In the meantime, please accept my apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.
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