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Monday 02 January 2006 - Pre-lim schedule online, .co.uk'd, Have YOU seen this yet?, Mail server maintenance
Pre-lim schedule online

Though late in announcing it, the schedule has now been completed (well, the pre-lim anyway) and can be viewed on the Intranet. To access it from the Intranet homepage, simply click Support, followed by Schedule, or use the direct link.


Please note, the ECD (Estimated Completion Dates) are approximations only and may differ by hours or even days, depending on my work load (organization and balancing never were one of my strong points).


Yes thats right folks, incase you've not already noticed, the Intranet now has a new domain name. This has been decided for two reasons. Firstly, to allow less typing, but most importantly, to allow ease of moving.

For example, should I ever wish to move ISP (Internet Service Provider) (which if PlusNet keep going with the caps, I'll have to anyway), there won't be a ton of broken links anymore as all I will need to do is change the DNS (Domain Name System) to the new addresses.

The new domain name to access the Intranet is:


The old address will continue to work for aslong as I am a PlusNet customer so there is plenty of time to update any bookmarks you may have.

Have YOU seen this yet?

This has been floating round the security circle for some time so the chances of your not already knowing are slim, but just incase, I thought I'd mention it anyway.

Currently floating round the land of the inter-world is a WMF exploit that if happens to find it's way onto your computer, is going to make things a heck of alot worse than any spyware you may happen to have experienced.

Rather than re-write whats already been said about it, I'll let the ladies and gents at the ISC provide the details for you.


To TEMPORARILY patch against this (Microsoft themselves have not currently provided a patch at the time of writing), go to Start > Run and type the following, then click OK.

regsvr32 /u shimgvw.dll

If you are using Windows 2000 or above, please also download and run the unofficial "band aid".


Mail server maintenance

Just a note, the dust bugs have invaded the mail server so to allow cleaning, it will be temporarily taken offline at approximately midnight tonight. During this time, you may notice problems whilst trying to send correspondence via forms that use this mail server. I'll be as quick as I can.
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