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Wednesday 01 March 2006 - Can they handle me?, Interruptus G4, I've seen the WHITE!
Can they handle me?

Okay, so I'm not exactly Mike Tyson, and can't be as bad as those god awful 118 118 fellow's, but I have to ask myself, can my new employer handle my extremely strange sense of humor?, I hope so.Allow me to introduce you to a wonderful bunch of chaps and chapette's known collectively as UK Digital Storage. Okay so their website needs drastic attention, but besides that, I had my second day there today and absolutely love it.

Now, they've not got any images of the staff on the website yet - I'll be working on changing that (if they let me ), but these folks are extremely easy to get along with (obviously, or I wouldn't be writing this would I?). Anyway, where was I, oh yes - what I have planned is a sort of "meet the folks" kind of thing. I've not met the directors yet but, if given approval (well, it's courtest to ask), I'll hopefully bring everyone a sort of introduction to the nice folks behind the company (I've never so much hoped that no-one reads my news, lol - if they read this, they'll probably fire me).

On a more serious note (I know, I hate those too), as previously mentioned, this new job means I won't have anywhere near as much time to dedicate to my first love. Fear not however folks as, as you can probably tell, when I am not at work, I shall be sat in front of my own god awful system, pounding away on the keyboards to get things done - including the much anticipated secure cleaning facility for Index.dat Suite (just got to learn Ruby first - Thanks Huw!).

Interruptus G4

I was going to have the second news item as a sort of competition (I know I've got nothing to offer, which is why it was a "sort of"), but a few mins ago, I received an e-mail from the editor of G4Mag to let me know, Index.dat Suite was listed on their website. Me being me, I decided to check it out.

Unlike alot of e-mails I get along these lines, this one wasn't a scam to get me to visit a second rate shareware site (yes Downloads45 - I mean you!), but is actually (from what I've seen in the past 4 minutes 30 seconds (give or take)) is actually a real freeware/open source website (well they have Skype listed which whilst technically free, is a POC (in my opinion only!) by the edgits at Sharman Networks - same folks that brought us the extremely irritatingly infested piece of rubbish that is Kazaa).

See for yourselves, and feel free to say thankyou to the nice folks for err, think of something nice!!


I've seen the WHITE!

No folks, I've not died - you ain't that lucky! lol.

I am extremely proud to say that thanks to a Mr Tom Pinckney of Site Advisor, I can now not only promote SiteAdvisor via the interweb, but can also do the same via the err, thrust of my body (I know, I look awful when half asleep).

As of the time I was at work (I hate when I miss the wonderful things), SiteAdvisor announced the official launch of their much loved (by myself) interweb security service.

I've been trying this out from time to time since first hearing about it, and as much as I would love to express the excitement, I can't - there are simply no words that could reflect what I think of this. They're wonderful, they're reachable (take note Symantec!!!) and they're a generally nice bunch of ladies and gents that, should you have any issues, you'll no doubt have them sorted out in an hour or so (well, you can't expect people to be available 24/7 can you?), rather than the several years it takes most companies (yes iPowerWeb, Barclays, Virgin - I MEAN YOU!), nor will they fob you off (Century Radio, Microsoft, AOL, Tiscali - does this never end) - they answer promptly, respectfully and honestly.

But anyway, back to my seeing the white ......... oh and, hehe, Site Advisor.
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