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Sunday 01 January 2006 - Happy new year!, Unsuprising delays, Thankyou Wrightway!
Happy new year!

Before I start with the rest of it, I'd like to take this time to wish everyone a happy new year. I'm sure most if not all of you have followed the news of the last 12 months and noticed the huge increase in exploits, malware, and all things horrid and irritating (and no, I'm not referring to Chico).

I personally believe things can't get much worse than 2005 (unless Chico gets a contract of course, then we're all royally up the creek so to speak), so here's to hoping we all have a wonderful 2006!.

Unsuprising delays

Not suprisingly, you may have noticed that most of the things I mentioned I was going to have had completed by today (including the Free Hosted Forum service re-design), have not infact been completed (and in the case of one or two, have not even been started yet). I must apologise for this.

The past few month have been exceptionally busy for myself, from getting everything downloaded, verified, and compiled for Pricelessware 2006's CD, to brothers that are incapable of listening (yes Ian, I mean you!) to friends coming back from Angola (hadn't seen him since he went away in around August last year, so it was a pleasure to spend time with him the past week (though how I managed to get talked into fixing his laptop is a confusingly different story all together). Though probably the wrong way to look at it, I have, as of yesterday, yet again become unemployed so once again will hopefully have more time (until I get another job atleast) to spend on getting things done.

Well, although I don't make new years resolutions (can't break them if I don't make them), I've decided something needs to give. Since I spend pretty much all of my spare time online, my offline life is going to suffer (prefer being in front of my PC's anyway) so rest assured the updates are coming - albeit late.

To give a better insight into expected ECD's (Expected Completion Dates), I am currently planning on writing a schedule and if all goes to plan, this will be online by tomorrow lunch time.

Thankyou Wrightway!

I would like to extend a huge thankyou to Jonathan and Christine Wright of Wrightway Computers for the wonderful evening I was provided on Friday. It is quite rare that I get to spend more than 5-10 minutes with them, so spending the evening with both of them was absolutely wonderful.

Thankyou guys!
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