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Monday 10 September 2007 - Nightmare on server street, Romeo & Juliet
Nightmare on server street

No doubt some of you will have noticed the intranet has been down quite alot recently (more like a yoyo). Unfortunately, at present I'm unsure as to the cause (pretty sure it's a ... Full story

Tuesday 31 October 2006 - Another note for hpHosts users, Switched to OpenDNS, Update on Scott (Freeware Arena)
Another note for hpHosts users

Following the last news update, I would like to inform hpHosts users that do not currently know, that the hpHosts dow ... Full story

Monday 09 October 2006 - A note to hpHosts users, Duplicate newsletter
A note to hpHosts users

Those in "the community" will already be aware that yours truly was graciously offered the role of looking after the hpHosts file, in order to allow hpGuru, more time with his family ... Full story

Wednesday 30 August 2006 - Network downtime, PC Tools + SpySoftCentral, Application updates and discontinuations
Network downtime

How did we find out bacteria was bad for us?, why do I like James Blunt?, why is the Hooters "Satellite" one of the best tunes ever made?. Those are just three things that will forever conf ... Full story

Sunday 06 August 2006 - Cheers NEDL!, Avant Browser 11: A first impression (sort of), Malicious e-mail update, Welcome Bartware!
Cheers NEDL!

Once again, NEDL have proven to be the bain of my existence, and once again I must apologise on their behalf for those of you that experienced problems accessing my site's between 22:00 - 23:00 ... Full story

Sunday 25 June 2006 - FastHosts Networks Offline, Snehateeram Group apologizes
FastHosts Networks Offline

Unfortunately, at approximately 14:30 this afternoon, the entire FastHosts network was taken offline - additionally preventing access to it-mate.co.uk website's.

I've spoke ... Full story

Friday 23 June 2006 - Malicious e-mail update, I've got some time, A note to AOL users
Malicious e-mail update

Following the news on June 20th, I've done a little research and whilst the variant of the virus is new, the content used in the e-mail, actually appears to have been used for the sa ... Full story

Tuesday 20 June 2006 - WARNING: Virus infected e-mail claiming to come from Ur I.T. Mate Group.
Full story

Sunday 18 June 2006 - Snehateeram Group ripoff, Icon Library to close, Index.dat Suite 3.0
Snehateeram Group ripoff

Deciding to take today off and do a little surfing, I came accross a site that at first, looked like a new freeware website. Delving a little deeper however, it became clear that th ... Full story

Sunday 28 May 2006 - IE options + index.dat files... really?
IE options + index.dat files... really?

Browser history< ... Full story

Wednesday 17 May 2006 - mysteryfcm.co.uk DNS issues
As mentioned in this months newsletter, the mysteryfcm.co.uk server, and facilities that utilize it, have been impacted by either disabled features and/or confusing error messages. I would like to sincerely apologise to ... Full story

Wednesday 12 April 2006 - Woopsididly, When hacks go wrong .. kinda

I've done it again .. not only had I forgotten about last months Editors Choice (Freeware Library), I got into the office yesterday, turned on my PC's monitor to be greeted with Great News (I lo ... Full story

Friday 07 April 2006 - Electricity went walkies, Ubuntu making a forced come back, Schedule UNscheduled
Electricity went walkies

I would just like to apologise for those that may have experienced problems connecting to my site's within the past hour or so. Unfortunately the power went out in the whole of my l ... Full story

Tuesday 28 March 2006 - Typically Tropical, "Big Quiz" Pre-launch announcement, Bob's little ditty
Typically Tropical

So what do you do when you work 8/9am ... Full story

Wednesday 01 March 2006 - Can they handle me?, Interruptus G4, I've seen the WHITE!
Can they handle me?

Okay, so I'm not exactly Mike Tyson, and can't be as bad as those god awful 118 118 fellow's, but I have to ask myself, can my new employer handle my extremely strange sense of humor?, I ... Full story

Thursday 23 February 2006 - Great news!, The big cleanup
Great news!

No, I'm not talking about my new favourite RSS reader (as great as it is). I have some other great news ... Full story

Wednesday 22 February 2006 - RSS now available, WebGrid CMS goes live, Thankyou HSBC!
RSS now available

I am pleased to accounce, the following RSS feeds are now available for those that use and wish to be kept upto date by RSS.

Freeware Library:

Full story

Monday 06 February 2006 - They're at it again, Server re-location, What do you do?
They're at it again

Thats right folks. Seems BT weren't content with giving me connectivity problems before. They've decided ... Full story

Thursday 26 January 2006 - Intranet speed issues, Vive la France!, The Linux issue .. again!, Little less moderation
Intranet speed issues

Just a short note to let you all know, you may notice issues concerning loading speeds of the intranet. I've spoken with and performed tests with, PlusNet, and it has been confirmed to ... Full story

Monday 02 January 2006 - Pre-lim schedule online, .co.uk'd, Have YOU seen this yet?, Mail server maintenance
Pre-lim schedule online

Though late in announcing it, the schedule has now been completed (well, the pre-lim anyway) and can be viewed on the Intranet. To access it from the Intranet homepage, simply click ... Full story

Sunday 01 January 2006 - Happy new year!, Unsuprising delays, Thankyou Wrightway!
Happy new year!

Before I start with the rest of it, I'd like to take this time to wish everyone a happy new year. I'm sure most if not all of you have followed the news of the last 12 months and noticed the ... Full story

Sunday 25 December 2005 - Happy Christmas everyone!
Happy Christmas everyone!

I would just like to take the opportunity to wish everyone a Happy Christmas (I know, I know, use of that word is not "PC" (Politically Correct) apparently, but I don't care). Hope ... Full story

Tuesday 20 December 2005 - Decoding the spam .. again, Pricelessware 2006 now available, iMedia drivers please!, Product Support unavailable, A note to
Decoding the spam .. again

Yes folks, it's true. Whilst I'm no-where near as good at writing as Mr Liston, or as funny as Full story

Wednesday 07 December 2005 - Expected service interruptions, How NOT to buy a PC, A winters tale
Expected service interruptions

This is just a note to advise you all that I am expecting interruptions to the intranets connection from approximately 0400 (4AM GMT London) tomorrow morning. This is due to w ... Full story

Wednesday 30 November 2005 - Death by ISP, hpHosts Online officially launched!, TeMerc forums attacked
Death by ISP

It's hard enough sometimes, to so much as get an idea off the ground and watch it grow with enormous popularity, then have it ripped from under you, but to see the same thing twice?.

iHo ... Full story

Thursday 24 November 2005 - Thankyou PlusNet!, WebGrid fans .... blame Claranet
Thankyou PlusNet!

Thats right, I must say thankyou to PlusNet (my ISP). Not only did my connection suffer downtime this morning (don't know what time it went off as I was asleep, but it came back online aro ... Full story

Sunday 20 November 2005 - An update for WebGrid fans, Special thanks to alt.comp.freeware
An update for WebGrid fans

As mentioned yesterday, Bob McKenzie (WebGrid) had a slight mishap with Partition Magic that unfortunately saw his untimely exit into the netherworld known by some as "the real wo ... Full story

Saturday 19 November 2005 - A delayed response, The comcast agent, Thar be a spammer in the works
A delayed response

I would like to extend an apology to everyone that e-mailed me between November 10th - November 18th. Due to distractions and over-sleeping (14 hours yesterday!), I've unfortunately not h ... Full story

Thursday 10 November 2005 - Support forums/ticket system, The lavatory break, Oh dear, they're here
Intranet Ticket System

I had an e-mail this morning from a friend, that was confused about where and how to register for the forums/ticket system. I would just like to clarify, the ticket system (also becom ... Full story

Sunday 06 November 2005 - Day of rest .. sort of, An ADded response, Whats going on?
Day of rest .. sort of

I would just like to note, I shall be unavailable for most of today as I've unfortunately been forced to leave the house to deal with a problem that my brother alerted me to an hour o ... Full story

Friday 14 October 2005 - Service interruption notice, Can you spare 5 minutes?, It's their birthday!
Service interruption notice

Due to a change in the DNS records, you may find the sURL service is unavailable over the course of today. This change was necessary due to issues with the previous DNS provider ... Full story

Tuesday 11 October 2005 - Electricity goes walk-about, Newsletter suffers temporary insanity
Electricity goes walk-about

At approximately 17:00 (GMT London), the North Tyneside area of Newcastle Upon Tyne (United Kingdom) suffered a major powercut. Unfortunately, this meant the intranet server that ... Full story

Wednesday 05 October 2005 - Credit card scam, Bon Jovi would be disgusted!, Charmed ... I'm sure
Credit card scam

You know how it is, you've seen one scam, you've seen them all. Well this time I've decided to publicize one of them.

I recently received 5 e-mails in a row from and advertising, exp ... Full story

Saturday 01 October 2005 - New homepage online, Software discontinued, Maintenance Sunday
New homepage online

I am pleased to announce the new design for the main Ur I.T. Mate Group homepage, is now online. Though there are still a few things awaiting inclusion, it is mostly completed.

Ov ... Full story

Monday 26 September 2005 - Homepage and software update delays, Steven 0 - Logic 1
Homepage and software update delays

I would like to apologise for updates to both the main homepage (currently offline) and the software. Most of the updates were planned to be completed and released by mid ... Full story

Wednesday 21 September 2005 - E-cards e-mail contains virus, Homepage downtime, New support system
E-cards e-mails contain virus

I've been pondering the past few days and have come to the conclusion that whilst I detest spam, I detest viruses more-so, ergo I am infuriated to see e-cards-it.com spam mails ... Full story

Wednesday 14 September 2005 - End of the forums (updated), Avant goes Gecko
UPDATED: 22:50 GMT London

End of the forums

Those of you that take note of the Ur I.T. Mate Group news, may remember my mentioning plans to develop and introduce a new "support ticket" system. ... Full story

Saturday 10 September 2005 - Intranet downtime, Very best or very worst?, Software announcement
Intranet downtime

As is typical, just when things are running smoothly, something happens to mess it all up. Unfortunately however, in this case that something is me. In order to prevent future problems suc ... Full story

Thursday 11 August 2005 - Green Day got it right, McAfee/PestPatrol false positives, The help file fiasco
Green Day got it right

The ever immortal words of "Wake me up when September ends", a wonderful track from the bands ... Full story

Sunday 31 July 2005 - Intranet hardware replacement, expected downtime
If you read the latest news, you will know about the latest issue with the hard drive dying. Thanks to my friends at Wrightway Computers, the replacement drive ha ... Full story

Saturday 30 July 2005 - POP! goes the server ...
At approximately 06:00 yesterday morning, a problem was discovered with the Intranet/news server.

After a few diagnostics, this turned into a suspected corrupted hard drive. The drive has been left in the capable ... Full story

Friday 22 July 2005 - sms.ac?... just say no!, vURL feedback, The Tom Liston Fanclub
sms.ac... just say no!

For well over a year I have been receiving silly little e-mails from sms.ac claiming "1 friend(s) that invited you to join their mobile friends network". Being myself, I've quite quic ... Full story

Monday 11 July 2005 - Power cut, sGB updates complete
Power cut

I would like to apologise to those that experienced problems accessing the intranet and/or support sites within the last hour or so.

Unfortunately, my local area had a major powercut that t ... Full story

Tuesday 05 July 2005 - Line upgrades, The router to heaven, Software/site updates, it-mate.co.uk e-mail
Line upgrades

Although things have not gone so well with the intranet lately, I am happy to report, the intranet is no longer on a 512K ADSL line. Though I could have just waited until August and had the up ... Full story

Tuesday 21 June 2005 - Intranet server back online
First of all, I must apologise for any inconvenience.

Due to my brothers wanting to share my internet connection, a new router was installed in place of the standard ADSL modem that I had been previously using. Un ... Full story

Saturday 04 June 2005 - Legit or Suspicious?, AB Extension Pack, Bitwise Magazine, Intranet Server
Legit or Suspicious?

I receive spam and virus infected e-mails on a daily basis, but rarely do I receive an e-mail that has me wondering whether or not an e-mail is actually a legit one. Today was the first ... Full story

Tuesday 31 May 2005 - ADVANCE NOTICE: Server downtime
Below are confirmed dates that mysteryfcm.co.uk will be offline and the reasons for such.

Unfortunately this downtime also means I shall be unable to answer support requests on the dates mentioned above. I can onl ... Full story

Monday 16 May 2005 - Server downtime, E-mail warning (updated), May Newsletter
Server downtime

Due to an as yet, unknown issue with my ISP, the Intranet server was offline from 11:15 (GMT London) this morning, until around 20 minutes ago (18:30). This downtime will have unfortunately, ... Full story

Wednesday 04 May 2005 - Oh casters, Software updates, vURL
Oh casters

I thought I'd provide an update to the mention on April 24th concerning my hand, just incase anyone was wondering ... Full story

Sunday 24 April 2005 - Lend a hand?, Site/software updates, PL2005 ISO
Lend a hand

Due to an accident on Thursday I have a slightly damaged hand (won't go into details) so have not been able to use the keyboard which thus meant, I've not been online very much (I've also been s ... Full story

Saturday 09 April 2005 - April Newsletter, Intranet progress
April Newsletter

I am pleased to announce, the April newsletter has now been sent. Due to updates within the newsletter system and the way the accounts are setup, those that are currently subscribed to our ... Full story

Tuesday 15 March 2005 - WARNING: Enigma Software Group, Intranet progress
WARNING: Enigma Software Group

Well known within the antispyware community for their underhand practices, it would appear Enigma Software Group is at it again, this time taking advantage of Index.dat Suite. ... Full story

Sunday 06 March 2005 - Intranet, newsletter updates, server gone mad, see you Monday

Work finally began on building our new intranet a few days ago. I am pleased to say, quite a bit of it has already been completed. I am hoping to get this finished by the end of next week.

O ... Full story

Monday 21 February 2005 - Public FTP Server, Freeware Library updates, newsletter updates
Public FTP Server

Unfortunately, this project has been dogged with problems since it's conception, and now comes another. Due to recent announcements by PlusNet, I have had to put registrations on hold unti ... Full story

Sunday 06 February 2005 - Public FTP Server upgrades complete
After a week of trying I am pleased to announce, the upgrade from Windows 2000 Professional to Windows 2000 Server is now complete. Once I have finished the tweaks and program installations/upgrades, I will be concentrat ... Full story

Saturday 05 February 2005 - Public FTP Server ... again, Newsletter, Application Updates, Have you been yet?
As mentioned last Monday, the upgrade to Windows 2000 Advanced Server did not go too well. After trying no less than 5 times to get it to install and work properly, I've decided not to bother with it. Instead an upgrade ... Full story

Sunday 30 January 2005 - Public FTP Server Upgrades, Site updates
The new public FTP server will be temporarily offline for most of today. This is due to an upgrade in the operating system (currently uses Windows 2000 Professional. Being upgraded to 2000 Advanced Server). Please accept ... Full story

Tuesday 11 January 2005 - Newsletter, Site Updates, New Public FTP Server

I would first of all like to apologise for the newsletter not being sent yet. Unfortunately, due to everything thats going on at present, I have not had a chance to compose it (though as my mail ... Full story

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