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Latest News
10/09/2007 - Nightmare on server street, Romeo & Juliet
31/10/2006 - Another note for hpHosts users, Switched to OpenDNS, Update on Scott (Freeware Arena)
09/10/2006 - A note to hpHosts users, Duplicate newsletter
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Latest Articles
31/08/2008 - Enigma Software Group: Tracking the Hunter Part 2
12/08/2008 - HOSTS files, IP blacklists, toolbars - is it enough?
14/11/2007 - SiteAdvisor Plus: Great program, shame about the support
Note: Dates are in the format dd/mm/yyyy

Featured Product

hpObserver is a small program that allows you to monitor networks and website's (or IP's if you prefer).

Current features include;

- Monitor HTTP, HTTPS or UNC path
- Continuous or single pass monitoring
- Comparison validation
- hpHosts inclusion status
- Malware Domain List inclusion status
- Obtain ASN Information
- Obtain Country information
- Obtain Servers IP(s)
- Obtain rDNS (PTR) for server IP(s)
- Obtain webpage size (in bytes)
- Print/Save results (Text, HOSTS, HTML, CSV, Outpost, Online Armour)
- Send URL to CleanMX (IP or hostname)
- Send URL to Exploit Labs Link Scanner
- Send URL to Exalead
- Send URL to Google
- Send URL to hpHosts Online (IP or hostname)
- Send URL to ISSViews WhoIs
- Send URL to Malware Domain List (IP or hostname)
- Send URL to MXToolbox
- Send URL to Norton Safe Web (IP or hostname)
- Send URL to PeeringDB (IP or hostname)
- Send URL to Quttera
- Send URL to RobTex
- Send URL to SiteAdvisor (IP or hostname)
- Send URL to TrustedSource (IP or hostname)
- Send URL to URLQuery
- Send URL to URLVoid
- Send URL to VirusTotal (IP or hostname)
- Send URL to vURL Desktop Edition or vURL online edition
- Send URL to Web Of Trust
- Send URL to Web Sniffer
- Send URL to ZeusTracker (IP or hostname)
- Server response code (i.e. 200, 404, 501 etc)

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